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Learning Assistance Life Skills (LALS)

Program Synopsis
Program Description
            The Learning Assistance/Life Skills Program is designed for students with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities, Autism, and delayed adaptive behavioural skills.  Each student has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), and attends classes with curriculum that is modified.  There is room for integration in elective courses, if staff feel that the student is able to be integrated successfully, with support.  There is a strong emphasis on work experience, and often, students will miss classes to go on work experience.  Upon graduation, students will be awarded with a school-leaving certificate. 
The program focuses on the following:
·         promoting personal independence and decision-making skills (taking transit independently; shopping for items in a store; grocery shopping; going to the bank)
·         developing skills for social relationships
·         improving functional academic skills (reading, writing, money-math)
·         teaching life skills, and family life education
·         providing career awareness and work experience (we do in-school and outside-school work experience)
·         promoting social involvement in school activities, as well as extra-curricular activities outside of the school
·         providing transition to post-secondary options
The program staffing consists of 1 program teacher and  SSWs.  LA/LS caters to students in Grades 8-12.  There is a maximum of 15 students in the program.  Admission into this program is through Central Screening.
Student Profile
            Students who are appropriate for placement in this program have to meet the Ministry criteria for Mild/Moderate Intellectual Disabilities or Autism, and are capable of being trained to bus independently.