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Junior Learning Assistance (Jr. L.A.C.)

Program Synopsis
The Learning Assistance Centre at John Oliver Secondary offers academic support to students with learning difficulties.
Students in the Junior L.A.C. program (grades 8, 9, 10) receive modified instruction in the core subject areas (Math, English, Social Studies and Science).  It is mandatory for grade 8 students entering the program to take a Skills class, where they learn skills related to organisation, time management, studying, test-taking, et cetera, and receive extra time and support in completing assignments in their academic classes.  Students also work towards goals in their Individualised Education Plan (I.E.P.).
Students are not supported in elective courses, or when integrated into regular courses.
Students in this program typically graduate high school with a School Completion Certificate (SCC).
The Program Resource teacher will teach the aforementioned subjects, and act as the student‘s case-manager; this involves creating, updating, and implementing I.E.P.s, maintaining communication between the home and school, and facilitating meetings between parents, school personnel and outside agencies.
Parents will support the student by communicating relevant changes in the student‘s home life with the program teacher, keeping the teacher updated on changes to contact information, attending meetings (when possible) that pertain to their child, and staying updated on what is happening in class by checking the teachers' blogs.
Admission into this program is through Central Screening.