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John Oliver Counselling Department Information 2018-2019 


The Counselling Department consists four Counsellors: 

[We each take a portion of Grade 8 students ​]

Mr. Edge (for Grade 10)  and gr12 lastnames :: 

Ms. Alvares (for Grade 11)and gr12 lastnames :: 

Ms. Birkenhead (for Grade 8)and gr12 lastnames ::

Mr. Steinruck (for Grade 9) and gr12 lastnames :: 



School Counsellors have teacher training as well as education in Counselling.  School Counsellors are in school to help students with any social, emotional, or academic issues.  The School Counsellor is an adult who can assist you with the issues that teenagers go through.  We are adults who are there to listen and help you problem solve ways to deal with the challenges going on in your life.  What you tell us will remain confidential unless the safety of you or another student is involved. 

School Counsellors also monitor your academic progress to ensure that you are in the right courses for your program and if you are on a Dogwood track, that you are taking the courses you need to graduate.  We also try to advise you on what you need for your post secondary program.  Your School Counsellor will stay with you from grades 9 to 12. 

School Counsellors are there for you.  So please come to your Counsellor with any issues you may be having.  Have a great year!