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Code of Conduct

John Oliver Secondary School's code of conduct is a set of expections that guide students, staff, and parents when they are in either the classroom, the school, or the community.  John Oliver has established a code of conduct that encompasses the spirit of what it means to be a J.O. Joker. Please read the Code of Conduct, which was developed by students, staff, and parents below: 

COURAGEBe the first to stand up. Take chances. Don’t back up!

Compassion (All we need is love)

Have empathy for everyone in your school
and in your community.

Optimism (Create your own sunshine)

Think positively because there’s a solution to
every problem.

Unity (Come together)

Come together as one community and
embrace our differences.

Responsibility (Take charge of your choices)

Own up to your actions and choices, and be
aware of the consequences.

Adaptability (Change happens, so be flexible)

Adjust to change and step out of your
comfort zone to experience life.

Gratitude (Expect nothing; appreciate everything)

Recognize that there’s always something for
which to be thankful.

Engagement (Get involved)

Support each other and actively participate
in the community, in school, and in your
own life.