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Student Leadership

Connect   Staff Advisors: Kirsty & Sophia                                   
The Neighbourhood Explorers student leader group will explore our local neighbourhood and discover the essence of our community. By exploring what community means to us, to our group and to local people and organizations, we will discover the essence or specialness of the community around our school.
Students will choose people, places or sites they will further investigate to discover how a community can shape identities. They will also look at community role models and look at leadership qualities and visions for the community.  Final activities will include acts that will benefit our community i.e. baking and distributing cookies, helping with a daycare activity, or cleaning a store’s front sidewalk
Fun Inside Zone (F.I.Z.) Staff Advisors: Mme. Nathalie & Jim                               
This committee will be in charge of designing, demonstrating and advertising "Fun Zones" inside the school for students, Kindergarten through Grade 3, on rainy lunch hour days.  The group will decide on 8-10 activities or games.  The groups will then have to find a way to collect the materials that they need with either donations, fundraising or an allocated budget.  They will have to advertise their "Fun Zone" through class advertisements and posters.  New activities will be designed, demonstrated and advertised every month.    
Classroom Assistance Team Staff Advisor: Ms. Brothers                            
The Student Leadership CATs (Classroom Assistance Team), formerly known as the Peer Tutors or Classroom Helpers, is a group of students who work in primary classrooms to assist the primary students.  The CATs will be assigned to a primary teacher to assist that teacher with their students in any way necessary, including peer reading, art support, and math support.  The CATs will meet as a group for the first few weeks of Student Leadership and will then go directly to their assigned primary classroom during the Leadership block each Tuesday for the remainder of the year.
Culture Club Staff Advisors: Ms. Brothers & Amanda                           
The Culture Club Committee/Team will be working together to develop and encourage school spirit, pride, and learning.  They will collaborate to plan, advertise and implement one short-term school pride activity during each term (such as a "Hastings Spirit Day" or a "Crazy Hair Day").  They will also work together to plan, advertise and implement at least one major, week-long, learning-based school activity (such as the Literacy Week activities of last year).  This committee is NOT intended to be a social, dance-planning committee, nor a fundraising committee.
The Tech Team Staff Advisor: Mme Myers & Mme. Alex                                    
Student leaders will be trained and be responsible for technology in the school (ipads, sound system, etc). They will set up the sound for assemblies, assist with ipad maintenance, and set up movies on rainy days. They will have opportunities to be involved in technology projects, which include a school blog and movie making.