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Hastings School Library

Hello from the Hastings School Library
Bonjour parents, grandparents and caregivers!
Mrs. Renzullo welcomes you to the school library.  Our library is open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8:45-3:20.  It is closed most Wednesdays, except for one Wed. per month.  I invite you to check out the library blog for links to information and useful websites.  The address is:
or simply Google:   Hastings School Library. 
I also invite you to check out your child’s library account at:
or again simply Google: webcat vsb.
Once here you can search resources from Hastings School and by clicking on My Account, you can see exactly what books your child has checked out, overdue dates, money owing or money owed from the library.  (If a book has been lost, paid for and then returned, the child will get a refund-This reminder only happens when the child is checking out the next book).  You will need your child’s Pen number which s/he should know or can be provided either by your classroom teacher or your teacher-librarian.  I would be happy to show you how to access this information if need be. 
At webcat, please check out the Digital Resources.   
I encourage you to use the excellent portals and subscription-based websites provided by the Vancouver School Board.  These will assist you with your child’s research and build general knowledge.  To log on you will need the following information:
Username:  39ha
Password:   Please ask your child, classroom teacher or myself.
If you would like to spend some time volunteering in the library, your help would be greatly appreciated.  I am always looking for volunteers to
“Adopt a shelf.” 
I would assign a small section of the library, for example all the 200s to you and you would just do a 10 minute check making sure the books are in the proper order.  You could drop in anytime to check your shelf.  This would be of great help.  Please drop by if you are interested. 
Drop by anytime-say hello or check out some books yourselves.  I do have a small Parent Section also.
I look forward to seeing you in the library. 
Until then,
Mrs. Renzullo