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A Special Place

We call our place “the Rainbow Room”.
Rainbows are often a symbol of differences, hope, changes, light, and happy surprises. The program is based on “The Four E’s”: Education, Encouragement, Enrichment and Entertainment.
Students will have supported opportunities for
·         Understanding work routines
·         Working at planned tasks
·         Completing activities within a time frame
·         Extending receptive and/or expressive vocabulary
·         Using technology for augmented communication
Students are encouraged to learn and maintain:
·         Appropriate behaviors and habits
·         Respect for self and others
·         Consistency in effort
·         Enjoyable interaction with peers and staff
Students have opportunities to enrich everyday experiences through seasonal festivities and take-home crafts. Also:
·         Swimming sessions are available at Stan Stronge Pool
·         Appreciation of nature is fostered by free access to Van Dusen Gardens
·         Weather permitting, students and staff take public transport for excursions around the city
Music is used as a tool for all learning. To spark student interest instruction is paired with visuals, music and technology.
We hope that every school day is enjoyable and special. It is towards this goal that we gather resources, work, and plan for all learning experiences in the Rainbow Room.