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Our Sr. Courses

Physical Education 11/12  (MPE- -11) (MPE- -12)
The main objective of the senior PE classes is to continue to develop student interest and enjoyment in pursuing lifelong physical activity. This will be achieved through participating in individual and initiative/cooperative tasks as well as group activities from the four game categories: target games, net/wall games, striking games and territorial games. All of our experiences in class are designed to achieve an enhanced awareness of technical and tactical skills across all games. Throughout this course, we will be exploring the physical activity opportunities that exist in the Greater Vancouver Area through various field trips.
Fitness 11/12  (YHRA-1B) (YHRA-2B)
The focus of Fitness 11/12 is to provide students with the opportunity to explore activities which develop, improve or maintain their fitness. Students will experience a range of training techniques including:
• Resistance training -- Machines, weights, exercise bands
• Aerobic training -- running, circuit training, step and dance classes
• Flexibility training -- Yoga, Pilates
• Core strength training -- Bosu ball, fitness ball, body weight training
• Olympic lifting- an introduction
Fitness 11/12 is offered off timetable and runs early morning on a day 1 or day 2
PE Leadership 11/12  (YHRA-1A)  
The goal of this course is to develop youth leadership to deliver a variety of physical education and sports activities for the Eric Hamber community. Students will have various opportunities to apply the concepts of leadership in a variety of settings that range from class activities to school wide event planning. Leadership initiatives will include: planning and implementing grade 8/9 track meets, Midtown Showdown basketball tournament, intramural programs, and coordinating volunteers in support of Hamber athletic programs (facility preparation, scorers, timers, referees, etc.). Students will discover the benefits of volunteering and giving back to their school community and gain an appreciative respect for the leaders who played a significant role in their lives.

 **Note:  Students enrolling in PE 11 or 12 in addition to Recreation 11/12 in one school year will only receive course credit for the course they achieve higher standing in.  Students enrolling in PE 11/12 in addition to PE Leadership 11/12 or Fitness 11/12 will receive credit for all PE courses in which they are enrolled. 
Recreation 11/12  (MPE- -11REC) (MPE- -12REC)        
The focus of Recreation 11/12 is to provide students with a diverse recreational program. The course is designed to encourage students to continue their participation in a variety of sport and leisure activities. Activities will provide an enjoyable social experience and an opportunity to improve students’ skills and fitness. Evaluation will be based primarily upon participation, and upon an assignments given to class members.
Students enrolled in Recreation 11 and 12 will also have the option to take part in the Hamber Recreation Leadership Program. This program offers students the chance to practice their leadership skills by leading after-school programs in elementary feeder school.