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Our Jr. Courses

Physical Education 8/9/10  (MPE- -08BOY)
(MPE- -08GRL) etc. for each grade 
In the three courses comprising the compulsory Physical Education program to the end of Grade 10,
students will acquire a(n):

- positive attitude towards participation in physical activity and working positively with others;
- appreciation of the value of developing and maintaining an active lifestyle;
-  understanding of concepts, rules, techniques, and strategies involved in various physical activities chosen from team games, individual and dual activities, racquet sports, dance, and outdoor recreational pursuits;
-  proficiency in motor skills for  the students to apply in physical activities; and
- satisfactory level of physical fitness through knowledge of the components of fitness and how these can be improved through practice.
**Participation in any PE 10, 11 and 12 will fulfil the Graduation Transition requirement of 150 minutes a week of daily physical activity (DPA). A student will not be required to log his/her activity unless a student has more than five absences. In this case, the student will be asked to take the responsibility to record his or her activities weekly at the Learn Now BC site.