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Our Senior Math Courses

Apprenticeship and Workplace

Apprenticeship & Workplace Math 11 (MAWM-11)       
Personal finance, compound interest and credit, formula manipulation, and familiarity with Imperial and SI units are the key topics in this course. Students taking this course will be aiming to enter a college or technical institute directly after graduating from high school. This course meets the Mathematics 11 graduation requirement.

Foundations Math

Foundations Math 11   (MFOM-11)  
Foundations Math 11 is for students who plan to enter university programs where calculus is not a required first-year course, such as most (but not all) Faculty of Arts programs.  At the time of writing Foundations of Math 12 is also required for BC university entrance: students should check with the institutions to which they plan to apply. Foundations Math courses offer the bare-bones of their Pre-Calculus counterparts, with everyday statistics replacing abstract study of functions.


Pre-Calculus Math 11 (MPREC11)
This course is algebra-heavy; students must be fluent in algebraic symbol manipulation, and have a sound understanding of graphs and trigonometry. The study of functions is central to PC Math 11. Students taking this course plan to enter a university program where calculus is a required first-year course, such as Faculties of Science or Engineering.
Pre-Calculus 11 Enriched (MPREC11ENR)
This course is geared towards highly-able math students who have achieved a minimum of 73% in Foundations and Pre-Calculus 10 or Math 9/10 Challenge or who have received a recommendation from their teacher. Topics in this course are the same as in Pre-Calculus 11. There is an emphasis on the use of graphing calculator technology. Some topics will be dealt with in more depth than Pre-Calculus 11. In addition, students will be expected to complete other math enrichment activities and to compete in various mathematics competitions.
Pre-Calculus Math 12 (MPREC12)
Preparation for first-year calculus is an aim of this course. This course is heavily theoretical in nature. Students should have strong algebra skills and a sound grasp of concepts such as functions and trigonometry. The detailed study of logarithmic, exponential, and sinusoidal functions lies at the heart of this course. Rote memorization will not suffice for success in this course; there is an emphasis on proof and understanding of underlying structures. Students should preferably have achieved a minimum of 70% in PC Math 11.
Calculus 12 (MCALC-12)
This course is for students who are planning on taking more mathematics classes at the post-secondary level. Topics that will be covered include properties of functions, limits, differential and integral calculus. Students must generally have a minimum of 86% in both Pre-Calculus Math 11 and Pre-Calculus Math 12. In some cases, Pre-Calculus 12 may be taken concurrently if a student has an outstanding Pre-Calculus Math 11 mark. Permission of the Instructor and the Department Head will be needed in exceptional cases. Qualified grade 12 students have priority enrolment. Students will be qualified to write the AP Calculus (AB) exam in May.