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Computer Science

Computer Programming 10  (MINT-10)
An academic course in introductory computer programming using the Python language. This course teaches students to create their own software. Programming concepts are introduced using real life problems and assignments. Many students find this to be a challenging yet interesting and fun course. Students who intend to go into Science, Engineering, Commerce or Mathematics will have a major advantage by taking this course in high school. Get ready to learn something new every period. All programming courses are taught in a Linux computer lab.
Computer Programming 11 (MICTP11)

The second course of Python computer programming. In this course students can expect to learn how to make GUI (Graphical User Interface) programs using the pyFLTK toolkit. Many cool games and assignments will be covered including network programming. In addition, students will also be introduced to creating arcade style video games using the
Pygame library. This course will also introduce OOP (Object Oriented Programming) using Python. An exciting and fun course aimed at application development.
Computer Programming 12 (MICTP12)

The final course offered in computer programming.  This course will introduce the C++ language. Advanced concepts such as pointers, dynamic memory allocation, classes, inheritance
 and data structures will be taught. Some assignments will also include higher level Math and other advanced algorithms. Designed to give students who will be taking programming at University a head start.