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Challenge Program

Mathematics 8/9 Challenge  (MMA- -08CH8)
(MMA- -10CH9)
This is a two year program for students who have demonstrated an interest in mathematics in elementary school, as well as an aptitude and a work ethic that will enable them to learn the Mathematics 8-10 curriculum in two school years. The Math 8 course and at least one-half of the Math 9 material will be taken in Math 8 Challenge, and the second half of the Math 9 and the Math 10 course will be studied in Math 9 Challenge. Students will be expected to complete other math enrichment activities and to compete in various mathematics competitions, as they occur throughout the program. The students will be exposed to a faster rate of material coverage, and will learn to function academically in an oral and written sense commensurate with that expected of a class of highly motivated and able students. Students must maintain a C+ average to remain in this program. Successful completion of these two courses leads to either Pre-Calculus 11 or Pre-Calculus 11 Enriched.