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Our Jr. Courses

English 8  (MEN- -08) 
In English 8, students will study short stories, novels, and poetry. They will become involved in classroom drama, in part, by writing and acting out skits. The students will become more familiar with the literary techniques used by the authors they study. The "process" approach to writing will be emphasized as students develop their composing skills in paragraphs, short essays and creative writing. They will learn to improve their planning, drafting, revising and editing skills as they become more familiar with the breadth of expression in English. Students will take part in presentations as individuals or in groups to improve their oral skills. Students may be involved in a film study unit, as well.
English 8 Adapted – Coop  (MEN- -08COP)
This course is designed for students who have completed Grade 7 Language Arts, yet need to build reading, writing, interpretation and/or oral communication skills. Students will be enrolled in the course based on recommendations from their Grade 7 Language Arts teachers. The course will follow the regular Grade 8 curriculum: short stories, novels, poetry and drama. The objective of the course is for students to develop skills that will prepare them to enter English 9.
English Challenge 8-10  (MEN- -08CH8)
(MEN- -10CH9)  
The English Challenge Program begins at the Grade 8 level and spans two school years. Students with a C+ average overall and no lower than C+ in the second year will receive credit for English 8, 9 and 10.
Students are accepted into the program based on District testing results and personal interviews. Students will complete the requirements of English 8, 9 and 10 while demonstrating superior quality of work and a willingness to accept with pride more sophisticated assignments. Students in Challenge English are expected to take Literature 12, Writing 12, English 12 World Literature, and AELC 12 in their Grade 11 and 12 years.
English 9  (MEN- -09) 
In English 9, students will be involved in activities similar to those in English 8, but they will read more sophisticated material and be expected to demonstrate growth in their English skills. Written assignments will require more fully developed analytic, research and composing skills. The study of a Shakespearean play is one of the options a teacher may choose for his or her class.
English 9 Creative Writing  (MEN- -09ENR) 
This course is offered to Grade 9 students. They should have an interest in writing, reading and speaking. Students will be credited for English 9, and will cover all the usual English skills, as well as the various forms of literature. At the same time, there will be an emphasis on original writing of various kinds such as poetry, short stories, personal narratives and dramatic skits. Students will be encouraged to submit their work to one of several contests open to them during the year. Self-motivation is especially important, as students will be expected to offer materials from their own reading and writing for class discussion. Students must apply for this course.
English 10  (MEN- -10) 
English 10, while similar in many ways to earlier courses, requires the students to read much more literature written for adults by authors of high reputation such as George Orwell, John Steinbeck, and Earl Birney.  Students will read poetry, short stories, non-fiction, novels and drama. Most students will read Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet or Julius Caesar. Students will not only be aware of the elements of the various forms of literature but also be able to probe in depth the author's development of character and theme. Students will use the library as they develop research skills while working on projects. They will write longer essays and other assignments while improving their abilities to plan, to revise sentence structure and paragraphs, and to correct usage errors. Students are required to sit the Language Arts 10 provincial examination in June. The examination forms 20% of a student’s final grade.
English 10 Speculative Fiction  (MEN10- -ENR)
This course is offered to Grade 10 students who have an interest in science fiction, future oriented literature or fantasy. Students will be credited for English 10 and will cover all the usual English skills along with creative writing, creative thinking, debate and problem solving. Students will write the Language Arts 10 examination in June. The examination forms 20% of the student’s final grade.  Students must apply for this course.


English Learning Centre 3  (XLDSE08EL3) 
This course is required for grade 10, 11 and 12 students enrolled in a regular English course for the first time, and who have just completed Transitional English Senior. ELC 3 is designed for students to improve their academic written ability, critical reading skills, oral presentation skills, and vocabulary development. Areas of focus include sentence skills, organization, support, and development.  Students will explore a variety of written and oral forms such as paragraphs, essays, reports, speeches and creative writing.