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Senior Science Courses

Biology 11  (MBI- -11)  
The Biology 11 course introduces students to diversity in living organisms. Core Topics are as follows: Methods & Principles: Students will: practice safe laboratory techniques, design experiments and interpret biological data. Evolution and Taxonomy: Students will: describe evolutionary processes and biological classification methods. Microbiology: Students will: identify characteristics of viruses and bacteria, and their significance to human health. Plant Biology: Students will: analyse increasing complexity in plants, from simple algae to flowering plants. Animal Biology: Students will: analyse form and function and increasing complexity in animals, from invertebrate sponges to mammals. Ecology: Students will: analyse inter-relationships of organisms and ecosystems.
Biology 12  (MBI- -12)  
The Biology 12 course has an emphasis on cell and human biology. Core topics are as follows:  Methods & Principles:  design an experiment to test a hypothesis and explain the role of various controls; define homeostasis and relate to this concept in terms of positive and negative feedback. Cell Biology:  identify and understand the function of compounds related to cell physiology; describe the processes associated with cell metabolism.  Human Biology: differentiate amongst tissues, organs and organ systems; identify and describe parts and functions of major body systems: digestive, circulatory, nervous, respiratory, excretory, endocrine and reproductive.  More details on Biology 11 and 12 can be found at:
Chemistry 11  (MCH- -11) 
Chemistry 11 is an introductory course which emphasizes scientific observation, chemical behaviour patterns and molecular structure.  The core topics are as follows.  Lab Safety;  Properties of Substance;  Inorganic Naming; Mole Concept; Chemical Reactions;  Atomic Structure; Bonding; Organic Chemistry; Solutions.
Chemistry 11E  (MCH- -11ENR)     
Recommendation of Science 10 teacher required.  This is an enriched Chemistry 11 course that will cover approximately half of the AP Chemistry curriculum. All of the Chemistry 11 topics will be covered in greater depth and other areas will be explored as well.  Please refer to the following link for more details:
Chemistry 12  (MCH- -12)
Chemistry 12 involves more advanced concepts than in Chemistry 11. (Students should have an aptitude for this subject and a high level of achievement in Chemistry 11). The core topics are as follows.  Reaction Rates; Chemical Equilibrium; Solubility Equilibrium; Acids, Bases & Salts; and Electrochemistry.  More details on Chemistry 11 and 12 can be found at:
Earth Science 11  (MESC-11) 
This course involves investigation into some of the major fields of earth science in order to form an up-to-date, broad understanding of the story of the earth and its environment in space.  The core topics are as follows: geological science, oceanographic science, astronomical science, atmospheric science, and Earth’s history. 
Physics 11  (MPH- -11)    
The Physics 11 course will provide students with insights into the scope, nature, relevance, and limitations of physics. The topics in the course illustrate the substance of physics and are related to other aspects of a general education.  The core topics are as follows. Kinematics; Dynamics; Mechanical Heat Energy; Physics; Applied Optics; and Special Relativity.
Physics 11E  (MPH- -11ENR) 
Recommendation of Science 10 teacher required. This is an enriched Physics 11 course that will cover approximately half of the AP Physics curriculum. It is mathematically more rigorous than regular Physics 11. The Advanced Placement Physics course is designed to be the equivalent of the general physics course usually taken during the first college or university year.  The core topics are as follows.  Kinematics; Dynamics; Mechanical Energy; Nuclear Physics; Light and Sound; Special Relativity; and Applied Optics.
Physics 12  (MPH- -12)   
This course is intended to provide students with a grounding in the discipline of physics as those who take it might engage in further study of the subject. The treatment of the topics is mathematically more rigorous than in Ph11.  The core topics are as follows. Vector Kinetics; Vector Dynamics; Mechanical Vectors; Momentum;  Equilibrium; Circular Motion;  Electrostatics; Circuitry; and Electromagnetism.   More details on Physics 11 and 12 can be found at: