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Spanish 9  (MSP--09) 
In this introductory course students will learn to exchange greetings, describe people, exchange school, family and personal information, make plans for the weekend, express likes and dislikes and discuss the weather, everyday activities and more.  Students will also gain an understanding of Hispanic culture, acquire reading skills and learn basic grammar. Through exposure to video and audio recordings, they will develop an ear for spoken Spanish modelled by native speakers from around the Spanish-speaking world. The class will listen to a number of Spanish and Latin-American songs reflecting a wide variety of musical styles.
Spanish 10  (MSP--10) 
Students will build upon their communicative skills, enabling them to: shop, ask for and give directions, plan a party, describe their daily routine, talk about sports, understand recipes, discuss vacation and leisure activities. Spanish 10 utilizes the Avancemos Program with also offers an enormous source of online activities and resources at
Students will also be able to talk about what they have done, trips taken and adventures experienced. Reading skills and listening skills will be developed, and students will read several short stories.
Beginners Spanish 11  (MBSP-11) 
This is an accelerated course, which covers the full curricula of Spanish 9 and 10 in one year. Upon successful completion of this course, students will have an understanding of basic grammar as well as aspects of the Spanish culture.  This course is offered to students who have no experience in Spanish or those wishing to improve their basic Spanish language skills before entering Spanish 11. As this is an accelerated program, preference will be given to highly motivated students in grades 10, 11, or 12.
Spanish 11  (MSP--11) 
Students will be able to discuss more extensively the topics of school and classes, leisure activities, the family, summer vacations, the environment, geography and much more. They will learn to make comparisons, persuade, give orders and talk about the past. The cultural focus is on the Florida, Costa Rica, Argentina and Puerto Rico, their regional geographies, people and their traditions. Reading and listening skills will expand through hearing and reading numerous short stories, poems and songs.
Spanish 12  (MSP--12) 
Spanish 12 themes include health, food, family and relationships, the environment and conservation and finally careers and professions.  Students will enhance their spoken and written expression by further use in the present, preterite, subjunctive, and imperfect, to future and imperative tenses.  Students will communicate hopes, opinions and emotions, give advice, give directions, tell stories, extend and accept or decline invitations, express doubt and make suggestions. The cultural focus is on the regions and people of Spain, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Ecuador. Reading, speaking and listening skills will continue to grow through intensive practice.