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​Japanese 9 (MJA--09)
Japanese 9 is an entry level course. Students will be able to exchange greetings, talking about their interests and their school. Students will also be able to read and write Hiragana and Katakana, components of the Japanese writing system.  Textbook: Ikiteiru Nihongo, vol. 1 and accompanying workbook (Ch.1-4)
Japanese 10 (MJA--10)
More topics are explored.  At the end of this course, students will be able to talk about their daily routine, family, home, describe things, and order at a restaurant.  Textbook:  Ikiteiru Nihongo, vol. 1 (Ch. 5-12)
Beginners Japanese 11  (MBJA--11)
This is an entry level course which will cover the Japanese 9 and 10 curricula in one year. Due to the accelerated nature of the course, students are expected to have good work habits. This course is for senior students who want to learn a new language.
Japanese 11  (MJA--11)
Students will be able to compare things, state reasons, ask for a favour, express their opinions, etc.  They also deepen their understanding of the culture and learn approximately 100 basic Kanji.  They will be able to write letters and sustain conversations on familiar topics. Textbook: Ikiteiru Nihongo, Vol. 2 (Ch. 1-5)
Japanese 12  (MJA--12) 
Ikiteiru Nihongo, volumes 2 & 3 are used in Japanese 12. The students will practice forming combined and compound sentences to express themselves in a variety of social situations and to write well-organized paragraphs.
Students will learn to manipulate Japanese to perform several language functions: to express cause and effect, to give and receive favours, and to communicate in different social registers using different politeness levels.