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French 8 (MFR--08)
French 8 uses an interactive and communicative approach to learn the basics of the French language. Students build a strong foundation and will develop basic skills in listening, writing, reading, and speaking. Although helpful, no prerequisite study is required and accordingly we begin with an introduction to expressions, nouns, verbs, and an array of grammatical tools in order to create solid groundwork. Students are also exposed to the richness of the French culture by exploring the Francophone world through cultural activities. 
French 9 (MFR--09)
This course will provide students with many opportunities to strengthen their communicative skills. Topics include: outdoors activities, clothing, sports, and music. Students will become more proficient in using the comparative, the superlative, the imperative, the demonstrative adjective, the placement of adjectives, the near future, the usage of irregular verbs and the compound past tense.
French 9 Advanced (MFR- -09ADV)
Prerequisite teacher recommendation. The French 9ADV course will meet the same content as French 9 course. Course content will be enriched by providing students with more challenging reading, more opportunities in listening to lessons taught in French, opportunities in speaking French through interactive activities and an expectation that students prepare longer and detailed presentations.
French 10 (MFR-10)
Students will be reintroduced to the compound past tense and acquire vocabulary based on themes which include one’s bedroom, jobs and careers, childhood memories, and films. The imperfect tense will be introduced and control of irregular past tense verb forms will improve. As students build upon their communicative competency their oral
interaction will be more engaging and their written expression will be driven by creativity.
French 11  (MFR--11) 
It is important that the passé composé be well-learned before attempting this course. Themes include world cuisine, memories of childhood, and coping with stress. Grammatical concepts include the comparative and superlative, the simple future tense, the conditional mood, relative clauses and the pronouns to introduce them, the interrogative pronoun lequel, the present participle and the past participle as adjectives. Also included will be special cases of agreement of past participle in passé composé of avoir verbs. Also, students will be exposed to the direct object pronouns (DOP), indirect object pronouns (IOP), y, and en with the indicative and imperative moods. There is increased emphasis on the contrasting use of the passé composé and the imperfect tenses.  Activities include listening for general and specific information, reading for comprehension, pair and group conversation, and projects requiring team cooperation.
French 11 Advanced  (MFR--11ADV)
This course will cover the same grammatical concepts as French 11, but will be further enriched with more challenging speaking, reading, writing and listening activities.
French 12  (MFR--12)
The goal of French 12 is for students to be able to use their prior knowledge of French more comfortably and fluently. Various themes will be used to offer students practice in reading, writing and speaking. Comprehension of spoken French will be reinforced by increasing use of the French language in instruction and in exchanges between students.  Grammatical concepts include the pluperfect tense, the past conditional and subjunctive moods, the passé simple tense for reading recognition and the "si-clause" patterns. Preposition patterns, pronouns and all previously learned tenses will be reviewed and used in this course.