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Beginning Guitar (MMGR-10)
This course is designed for students in Grade 9 - 12 with little or no experience on the guitar.  In Beginning Guitar we explore the rudiments of music (melody, harmony, and rhythm) by exploring a variety of musical styles that elicit various techniques for the playing the instrument.  Upon completion of Beginning Guitar you will have base-knowledge for studying and exploring music on the guitar independently, knowledge of related software/sites that aid in perfecting your skill, and develop great musical friendships with your classmates.  Why take a purchased half-hour lesson when you can explore music for 240 minutes/week for free.
Intermediate Guitar (MIMG-11)
Designed as a follow-up course to Beginning Guitar, Intermediate Guitar continues exploring the rudiments of music through guitar-based music and is designed for students in Grade 10 - 12 with one or more years of experience.  Students will continue working with barre chords, learn Travis-picking, music theory for the guitar, hammer-ons and pull-offs, harmonics, altered tunings, and digital recording, and improvisation.  Students will also study the leaders of guitar based music and discover more artists and music to explore.
Senior Guitar (MIMG-12)
For Grade 10 -12 students with two or more years of experience on the guitar.  In this course students will develop an understanding of more complex harmonies, advanced fingerpicking and strumming patterns, modern fingerstyle guitar, the relationship between theory and practical application of scales for improvisation, and further the study of altered tunings.  A wider variety of repertoire will be covered with an emphasis on solo and ensemble playing.

Mr. Reece Worth (Link)