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Mobile Agenda

The App - Communication

The apps integrate three basic communication methods - push notifications, news bulletins,
and the school’s social media feed. The social media feeds are integrated directly into the
app and can be viewed at any time simply by opening the sidebar menu (tap the menu icon
at the top left corner of the main screen). Push notifications are excellent for short, timesensitive
messages and pop up alerts on phones with the app installed. News bulletins are
longer form messages that are viewed on demand.


erichamber1page Intro to App 2017 2018.pdferichamber1page Intro to App 2017 2018.pdf (Updated: Dec.12.17)

1 Page Summary Here:  Student Agenda App - 1 Page.pdfStudent Agenda App - 1 Page.pdf

Instruction Book here: Student Agenda App.pdfStudent Agenda App.pdf