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Eric Hamber Student Clubs - 2016/2017

Club Name ​Sponsor Teacher Meeting Time ​Room
Bike Club  
Presidents: Chris Davis, Kendra Wong
We maintain, repair, build bikes, as well as raise awareness about the great form of transportation that is biking (through Bike to Work Week).
Mr. P. Halim Wednesday, Thursday Lunch 145

Business Club (JA)
President: Nicole Gutierrez
The JA Company Program guides students step-by-step in creating, managing, and liquidating a business in the span of 18 weeks. Under the guidance of a mentor, students will experience the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship.
Ms. T. Hayes,
Ms. S. Schoenfelder
Tuesday Afterschool 304

Canadian Youth Leaders Association 
President: Nicholas Jo
The club fundraises for PALS autism school, a non-profit organization which educates children living with autism. Our donations will directly benefit the school and its students in getting better school supplies and reducing tuition costs for their parents.
Ms. T. Yip Tuesday Lunch A303

Chess Club
President: Dezheng Kong
A place to play and learn chess.
Mr. M. Mustapich Wednesday, Friday Lunch 318

Coffee House
Presidents: Eva Liu, Marcus Leeson, Moca Nimmervoll
Coffeehouse is a platform to showcase different student talents at Eric Hamber. 
Ms. S. Schoenfelder Last Friday of the Month 202

Compassionate Leadership Club
President: Felicia Sit
Compassion Club puts on regular events around the school including holiday polaroids, HIP day smoothies and trick-or-canning. We fundraise with Free the Children while working towards helping local charities that are decided upon by the members.
Ms. J. Chan Thursday Lunch (Biweekly)  139

Craft Club
President: Riku Hirose
We do various kinds of crafts including knitting, crocheting, origami, card making and Perler beads. We aim to create a safe and welcoming space where everyone can enjoy crafts regardless of their skill level.
Ms. B. Dowle Thursday Afterschool 351

Debate Club
Presidents: Dezheng Kong, Noam Harris
A club where students work together to learn the art of debate.
Mr. A. Wightman, Ms. T. Goolieff Tuesday Lunch, Wednesday Afterschool 207/ 311

Diversity Club
Presidents: Ayma Rivada, Kenny Nguyen
We fundraise for local charities and host events such as the school wide-acclaimed Hamber Idol!
Mr. A. Wightman Wednesday Lunch 311

Environmental Club
President: Zelyn Lee
Enviro Club is dedicated to educating students, increasing responsibility and creating action in our school for a sustainable future. Projects include a Meatless Monday program, waste management campaigns, community engagement and more!
Ms. T. Yip, Ms. L. Jamieson Tuesday Lunch A306

Eric Hamber Eternal Dragon
President: Casey Nakada, David Liu
Currently the fastest junior dragon boat team in Canada, we welcome anyone of any grade, skill level, or fitness level. We strive to defend our titles and maintain our reputation for paddling excellence at local, national and international championships, but we also have fun on and off the water!
Ms. J. Chan Monday, Wednesday, Thursday Afterschool; Saturday Afternoon 106

Drama Studio
Production Managers: Chantal Wong, Michelle Perkins-Zalik
Footlights is Theatre Hamber's junior production. Any student in grade 8 - 10 that is interested in acting or crewing is welcome. 
Mr. P. Beharry Auditions in the Fall and Spring  

Garden Club
President: Seraphina Tsu
Work with the EYA on pollinator project and on the school planter boxes /garden.
Mr. K. Tun Friday Afterschool Courtyard

Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)
President: Hanna Jacobson
We provide a safe space for LGBTQ+ students to hang out, as well as educate the student body on relevant issues.
Ms. T. Goolieff, Mr. R. Kumar Thursday Lunch 207

Gourmet Club 
Presidents: Celine Yeung, Vivian Pham
We are a group of students who are passionate about cooking! From culinary novices to geniuses, we welcome members of all skill levels.
Ms. J. Chan Tuesday/Wednesday Afterschool (Biweekly) 106

Griffin’s Nest
Chief Editors: Felicia Sit, Michelle Lee
We produce and distribute the Griffin's Nest newspaper once a term! 
Mr. P. Scaglione N/A 316

Hamber Christian Fellowship (HCF)
President: Matthias Yuen
We are a group that gets together after school on Thursdays to just talk about God and life! You do not have to believe to belong!
Mr. D. Cho Thursday Afterschool 138

Hamber Reads
President: Skye Burns-Kirkness
We are a collection of avid readers who meet to discuss, debate, process, appreciate, and revel in books in a safe—if often boisterous—environment founded on popcorn and fellowship.
Ms. S. Lemmon Tuesday Lunch Learning Commons

Healing Harmonies
President: Sojoung Kim
We visit senior homes and perform music. 
Mr. N. Francis N/A 138

Helping Others Succeed Together (HOST)
Presidents: Ann Yang, Nathan Shum
We assist Hamber students with their courses and provide an excellent studying location.
Ms. C. McElhone, Ms. N. Kartsonas Monday, Wednesday Afterschool 215

Japanese Culture Club
Presidents: Ann Yang, Mina Suleman
We participate in activities relating to Japanese culture, such as playing games, learning interesting facts, watching drama or anime, and learning origami. 
Ms. S. Hashisagako Thursday Lunch 205

nzi (Shuttlecock)  
Presidents: Crystal Chang, Roy Geng
We bring people together through learning how to play jianzi and improving our technique. 
Mr. R. Kumar Friday Afterschool Cafeteria

Library Monitors
Library Monitors make the Learning Commons a more enjoyable place by maintaining its relaxing atmosphere and assisting librarians and students.  Ms. S. Lemmon, Mr. R. Appel,  N/A Learning Commons

Lighting Crew
President: Kayla Seto
We organize lighting for school events. 
Mr. R. Worth Thursday Lunch  Auditorium

Math Club
President: William Wang
Come and receive help or assist others on math problems of all levels. 
Ms. N. Mysuria Tuesday Afterschool, Day 2 Lunches 302

Mental Health Awareness Club 
President: Rachel Bernardo
Raising awareness for mental health n' stuff.
Ms. N. Gates Tuesday Lunch Guidance Room

Model United Nations (MUN)
President: Nicole Gutierrez
MUN is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, international relations, and diplomacy. Our club prepares students for conferences where they will role-play as diplomats and synthesize solutions to world problems. 
Mr. D. Nicks Friday Lunch 275

Multicultural Club
President: Priya Jayakumar
We introduce and educate students about different cultures the world and plan a Multicultural Event.
Ms. S. McEachren Wednesday Lunch 221

Photography Club
President: Mathew Gian
A place where photographers can hang out, share photos, and learn new tips and tricks, while receiving opportunities to participate in local events, and going on trips to explore Vancouver.

Mr. D. Nicks Thursday Lunch 275
Reach for the Top  
Presidents: Ryan Carrusca, Wen Ying Wu, Benjamin Li
At Reach for the Top, we are all trivia buffs, nerds, know-it-alls, or whizzes of some type, including geography, history, science, music, arts, and language. We compete against other schools in trivia games and competitions.

Ms. X. Ngo, Ms. C. McElhone Tuesday, Thursday Lunch and Afterschool; Friday Lunch A304
Science Club  
President: Michael Li
We do science projects and experiments and also participate in Vancouver High School Science Olympic contests.

Ms. A. Jacobs Thursday Lunch A309
Scorekeepers Club  
President: Soleil Wilding, Brandon Chou
Score keep sports games held at Hamber. 

Mr. I. Sehmbi  N/A N/A
Service Club  
Presidents: Sydney Lui, Ryan Lee, Karen Kang, James LaRose
Service Club lends a helping hand towards the school community by volunteering for numerous school events to ensure their success!

Ms. K. Thomson, Ms. N. Kartsonas, Mr. D. Bach N/A N/A
Sketchbook Club  
Presidents: Alex Chen, Martina Bohme
Sketchbook Club is a club where members have fun drawing and improving their sketches. It creates a constructive learning environment so that everyone can learn together while being exposed to new types of art. 

Mr. M. Vatta, Ms. T. Seeliger Thursday Lunch 131
Ski/Snowboard Club  
Join other ski and snowboard enthusiasts at Hamber to take four trips to Whistler Blackcomb Mountains from January through March. 

Mr. M. Albrecht, Mr. G. Dunne, Ms. S. Mohammed N/A Weight Room
Sound Crew  
Presidents: Kyle Vinson, Andrew Huang
Come help setup sound and AV equipment for all of the school’s assemblies, shows, and dances!

Mr. R. Worth Wednesday Lunch Auditorium
South Asian Club  
President: Gurnaz KS
We educate people on south asian countries and traditions.

Mr. I. Sehmbi Friday Lunch (Biweekly) 187
The Knitting Club  
President: Olympia Tomasta
A place to hang out and knit; We welcome people of all knitting skills. 

Ms. C. McElhone Wednesday Lunch 215
Uniform Room  
President: Maggie Zhang
Help the distribution and collection of Hamber athletic wear throughout sport seasons. 

Ms. D. Gomes N/A Uniform Room
Wish Youth Network Society (WYNS)  
President: Virginia Liang
Wish Youth Network Society (WYNS) is a provincial wide, student led non-profit organization dedicated to rekindling hope for youths and their families through fundraising and events. 

Ms. S. Mohammed Monday Lunch (Biweekly) A202
Writing Club  
Presidents: Yonatan Harris, Wen Ying Wu
Join a community of writers to share, get feedback, and collaborate on all forms of writing. 

Mr. M. Vatta Monday Afterschool 323
Youth for Youth Association  
Presidents: Stella Calderhead, Kelsey Lopes
Help fight against youth poverty by spreading awareness and fundraising for youth shelters. 
Mr. L. Lee Tuesday Lunch, (Biweekly) 119