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Welcome to Work Experience 11!  WEX 11 will be run through Edmodo. To be successful in this program please do not forget to check your Edmodo messages on a DAILY BASIS. (If you are still interested in signing up for WEX 11, please do so with your counsellor and follow the instructions below for Edmodo.)

Register by September 11, 2015:
1) If you do not have an Edmodo account: Sign up at Edmodo - Group Code: 297r4w
2) If you already have an Edmodo account: Login - Select “Join a Group” on the left side panel - Enter Group Code: 297r4w
3) Update your Settings so that you receive Text (choose this one!) or Email messages from me:
- Select the “Account” dropdown arrow on your Edmodo toolbar
- Click the “Settings” option in the drop-down menu
- Select the “Email and Text Updates” tab
- Choose Update Type – Choose text or email from the dropdown menu (ensure “Notes, “Direct Messages” and “Replies” are selected)