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Studio Program

Studium Libertatis (The Studio)
From the Latin:   stadium, for “zeal, eagerness”
libertatis, for “freedom, liberty, independence”
The Studio program, is a place where students who crave opportunities for empowerment, autonomy, flexibility and choice are given the liberty to engage in their zeal for learning.  Teachers function as mentors to learning as students explore and develop skills in creativity and critical thinking and prepare themselves for success in a rapidly evolving global environment.  A posse as esse: from possibility to actuality, is our motto. This reminds us that a dream or passion is the essential spark and that our goal is to assist students in giving form to these dreams.
Studio program goals are:
• To empower students to become autonomous learners through a mentored, flexible, cooperative and interdisciplinary learning community.
• To assist students as they learn to identify and articulate their personal passions and engage in the exploration and enlargement of their passions.
• To provide mentorship and instruction with an emphasis on: strengthening critical thinking, practicing empathy, developing community connections, enhancing information literacy, encouraging expression of creativity, solving real-world problems, and improving strategies for life-long learning.
The Hamber Studio Program is designed for gifted secondary school students.  The B.C. Ministry of Education defines giftedness as follows:
A student is considered gifted when she/he possesses demonstrated or potential abilities that give evidence of exceptionally high capability with respect to intellect, creativity, or the skills associated with specific disciplines.  Students who are gifted often demonstrate outstanding abilities in more than one area.  They may demonstrate extraordinary intensity of focus in their particular area of talent or interest. However, they may also have accompanying disabilities and should not be expected to have strengths in all areas of intellectual functioning.
Students in this program are accepted into a four-block package of courses in grade 8 and 9.  Studio course work continues in an individualized fashion up through grade 12.
This program is designed to meet the needs of gifted students who:
·       demonstrate potential of exceptionally high intellectual capability
·     demonstrate a potential for high levels of creativity
·     demonstrate a potential for extraordinary intensity of focus when engaged in an area of particular talent or interest
·     exhibit the potential for a high probability of succeeding in a non-traditional classroom environment​​