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Hamber Gifted Programs

The Hamber Challenge Program now offers two options for students: The Challenge Program for Acceleration and Enrichment and the Challenge Studium Libertatis.
The Accelerated/Enriched Program presents highly-able students with a challenging Grade 8-12 program that encompasses both acceleration and enrichment. Students in the program are voracious learners who will complete three years of study in Grades 8 and 9, often moving above and beyond the traditional curriculum. This program will appeal to students of high ability who are extremely motivated to learn, respond well to a rapid pace of instruction, and thrive in a traditional classroom setting.  The program is offered in English, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics. Students may apply to any or all subjects. Acceptance will be on a subject by subject basis.  Generally, an “A” or “B” average in the pertinent subject is expected.
The Studium Libertatis is suitable for gifted learners who are extremely motivated to learn and thrive outside the traditional classroom setting. Students with a desire to shape the curriculum to suit their interests and to accommodate their learning styles as well as their ability to learn material quickly will find this program a good fit. This program is especially suitable for students who have been identified as “gifted” through the Psycho-Educational testing process.
This program is a unique opportunity for gifted learners who thrive on learning “outside the box” and who crave the ability to meaningfully influence the pace and content of their academic program. Students in this unique Grade 8-12 program will have four Challenge Blocks dedicated to English, Social Studies, Science and one or more Innovation Blocks.  Students will be assessed in Math and placed in the appropriate level Math class. Students may apply to both the Studium Libertatis and the Accelerated/Enriched Math.
Students in this program will have opportunities to customize their learning to address areas of passion. Instruction in the program will often step outside the traditional curriculum and will be driven by educational goals set by students and staff. Emphasis will be placed on creative innovative thinking, project-based learning, problem-based learning and student ownership of their own learning.​

Challenge Program Deadline – January 13, 2017

Please complete the two application forms  (Cross-Boundary Application Form is not needed) and attach the following documents to your Application:

Hamber Challenge Program:  
  • Copy of the most recent Grade 7 Report Card.
  • Copy of the final Grade 6 Report Card 
  • Copy of Canadian Government issued documents such as Birth Certificate, Passport OR Permanent Resident Card.
  • Parent ID - BC Driver's License; BC ID Card; or Passport
  • Proof of Address - e.g. Recent Property Tax Notice; Purchase Agreement; Unility/Cable /Land Phone Bill, Vehicle Registration, Recent Bank Statement, or any Governmental /Legal Office Issued Document
  • Register for district testing if you are applying to the Hamber Challenge Accelerated/Enriched or Studio Program. Fill out the form online @​  (click on the “Mini Schools” link).
  • Attach any documentation from the Challenge program or Psycho-Educational Assessments, if available.​
Please wait to submit application package until all of the above items are complete

Completed application must be submitted directly to:

5025 Willow Street
Vancouver, BC V5Z 3S1
(604) 713-8927/ (604)713-8926
(Office Hours 8:30 am – 4:00 pm)
For clarification of the application process, contact David Nicks

Important Dates:

Hamber Challenge Parent Information Night, 7:00pm, Auditorium

October 5, 2016

Mini School Registration Online open registration from November 5th to November 13th only to take the test.

November 5th to November 13th

Cognitive Skills Test/Math Challenge Test for students applying to Hamber Challenge and other District Specified Alternate Programs. Time and Location to be announced.


November 24, 2016


Hamber Challenge application deadline

January 13, 2017

Short listed Challenge applicants invited to meet with teachers at Hamber

January 28, 2017

First Offer for Hamber Challenge placements

March 1st, 2017

Deadline to confirm acceptance into Hamber Challenge


Second offer for Hamber Challenge placements


Deadline for second offer to confirm acceptance into Hamber Challenge