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    Course Change Request - Sept. 2018

    Aug 30, 2018

    Students who have a complete timetable with courses originally requested will be seen once students with missing
    courses have been resolved.

    Counsellors will be working on course changes in the following priority order:

    -new students with no courses

    -students missing academic courses

    -students who have course conflicts

    -students missing elective courses

    Students with incomplete timetables must report to the cafeteria during their missing block eg. 1-1. Attend all of your
    classes so that the counsellor can locate you in order to do the course change. Attend homeroom daily.

    -students requesting a course change

    If students would like to request a course change, course change forms can be found on the Hamber website or on the
    table in the main office. All course change forms must be signed by a parent. Only submit one form for all requests.
    Do not submit multiple forms. Wait for your counsellor to call you out of class.

    Please be patient as this process can take time.