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Global Community Outreach


Wells in Cambodia
Villages in Cambodia typically have no drinking water.  Families rely on gathering dirty water from scum-covered retaining ponds or carrying water from far-away rivers in plastic containers.

Sickness and disease is reduced, water becomes available for growing vegetable gardens addressing hunger and malnutrition.  Children that had to haul water for hours every day are able to attend school regularly.

Villagers dig the initial well pit (around 20 to 30 feet deep using hand tools).  Then there is a conventional deep water well drilled through the bottom of the pit, with concrete liners put in place forming a cistern to hold water.  The well is capped and a hand pump is installed serving 5 to 8 families. 

Grandview hopes to raise $250 for the cost of a well.  Many of us take clean water for granted.  If we can't help those that need clean water, we can try to conserve the water we have.