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Student Bulletin


Engaged Immigrant Youth Club - Wednesdays in the staff room 3-5 pm

YWCA Mentorship Club –  

Homework Club – The math department is hosting a Math Homework Club on Wednesdays afterschool. Different teachers will host. Here's the schedule so far:

Wed. Nov. 29 - Ms. Ronne (B207)

Wed. Dec. 6 - Ms. Bentley (B200)

Wed. Dec. 13 - Ms. Forsey (B202)

Wed. Dec. 20 - Ms. Bentley (B200)


​Filipino Welcome Club -

All Filipinos, old and new, let us meet in room B102 near the counselling suites on Friday, September 15. This is a good opportunity to meet your countrymen or Kababayan. See you then.

Vietnamese Club at lunch on Mondays in B102

Home Work Club - Every Tuesday and Thursday in room B206

Club:                                                                            Leaders:                                                                                  Sponsors:

Stage Crew                                                                    Vy Nguyen, Gurleen Bhatti                                                      Ms.Miller

Lighting Crew                                                                 Vy Nguyen, Andy Qiu, Jessica Phan                                       Ms.Miller

Sound Crew                                                                    Brandon Lowe, Anish Patel                                                      Ms.Miller

Mural Committee (club)                                                  Victor Wu, Cecilia Chiu, Angie Cam                                       Ms.McPherson  Mr.Jakoy

Senior Leadership Club                                                   Victor Wu, Hazel Pangilinan                                                    Mr.Parkes                                                                                         

Model United Nations Club                                              Jason Jiang, Hanson                                                                  Mr.Jakoy

Hockey Club                                                                     Thomas Renovich, Angus Zhan, Manan Raval                      Mr.Braverman

General Tech Club                                                           Hansen Liem, Niko Feizi, Tommy Le                                       I. Lievens

EIYP After school program & lunch club                         Ken Latap, Zyra Barluado, Thalia  Lastimosa                      Andara Ahmad (youth worker)



Gladstone Writer’s Collective (The Writing Club)          Julia Nguyen, Angus Wu                                                          Mr.Paley

Anime Club                                                                     Amy Cao, Brandon Thatch, Katnarine Lie                            Ms.McPherson

Badminton Club                                                              Catherine Zheng, Winnie Chen, Britney Li, Joey Li             Mr.Wallace

YWCA Mentorship Club                                                   Amy Cao, Mandy Lee                                                               Ms.McPherson

Ultimate Club                                                                    Ashley Tong, Hazel Pangilinan                                               Mr.Paley

Film Club                                                                           Hansen Liem, Joseph Mari Gotengco, Edraine Maglinte                       ?

Big 2 Club                                                                         Joseph Mari Gontengco, Joshua Sanchez                                               ?

Me to We Club                                                                  Emily Leong, Kelsey Jakoy, Connie Zhou                                Ms.Dixon

Garden Club                                                                     Gurleen Bhatti                                                                            Mr.MaCallion

Table Tennis Club                                                                                Marvin Wu, Ken Liang, Daniel Nguyen                                                    Mr.Wallace                                                                                        
 ​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​