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Scholarship Information

Grade 12 students;

The Graduation Award (scholarships) Applications are posted outside the main office. Applications are due with the Grade 12 counsellor on Monday March 5th.

Rotary Club Scholarships for Grade 10’s


The Rotary Club of Vancouver Stay-In-School Scholarship Program's purpose is to encourage students who have successfully completed Grade 9, at Gladstone Secondary School to stay in school and pursue post-secondary education.

            Stay-In-School Scholarships have a total value of $7,000. 

 Selection of students to receive a Notice of Scholarship Award shall be based on their application as submitted and the following criteria:

Ø    the financial need of the student’s family,

Ø    success in school subjects,

Ø    their high personal standards of citizenship

Ø    involvement in school and community activities and

Ø    the student's future plans.

      NEW DEADLINE-   Applications are due to Ms. McIntosh by April 4th

Rotary Scholarship Application Form BC 2018.pdfRotary Scholarship Application Form BC 2018.pdf