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The Athletics Program at Gladstone is designed to give students an opportunity to participate in sports and compete with students on an inter-school basis. Cooperation, teamwork, skills, commitment and sportsmanship are stressed.
Inter-school teams compete with schools in the Vancouver league and can proceed to playoffs involving other district schools and other provincial representatives.
Inter-school sports are organized into three seasons of play -Fall (Sep-Nov), Winter (Dec-Mar), and Spring (Mar-Jun).

Fees are required in those inter-high sports which involve the use of school uniforms, equipment, and referees. Students engaged in inter-high sports are covered by the inter-school accident benefit fund.
As with all extra-curricular programs, teachers volunteer their time to coach and sponsor athletic teams. It is expected that students show their appreciation by giving them their full cooperation. Breaches of discipline are dealt with by the administration and the Athletic Board at the school level and by the Inter-High Athletic Association at the District level.