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Mini School - Enrichment Program

Gladstone Mini-School  Accelerated Program
The Gladstone Mini-School offers acceleration and enrichment to self-motivated students who possess above-average ability in various academic areas.  Upon completion of Year Two (Grade 9), students will be granted Grade 10 credit for their academic courses. 
Situated within Gladstone School, the Mini-School promotes initiative, leadership, co-operative and independent learning, service to school and community, and the willingness to tackle academic challenges. The Gladstone Mini-School is a District program, open to students from across the city.
The Mini-School’s prime focus is on accelerated delivery of curriculum. While some courses do offer enrichment activities, the main objective is to offer students the opportunities to complete academic core courses in less time than is normally required in the regular program. This allows students a broader range of elective possibilities in their senior years, which permits students to explore more deeply their particular areas of interest.  Another possibility for students is to complete secondary school graduation requirements in four years, rather than the usual five years.
Application Procedure
Mini School Admissions Procedure:
1.      Students must register online to take the District Mini School Test. Online registration for the 2019 Mini School Test opens on October 24, 2019 and closes on November 7, 2019.  Late registrations are not permitted. Click here to register.

2.      Applicants must digitally submit a Gladstone Mini School Application Package by email to .This application package must be received as one single email that has a subject line that includes the student‘s full name. This email must include the following items/attachments:

a.      A completed application form in Word.
b.      A copy of a grade 6 report card (can be a pdf file downloaded through MyEd BC, a screen shot or a photo of a printed report card).

c.       A digital portfolio containing the following 4-5 items:
                                                              i.      One short writing sample (150 – 300 words) that describes who you are as a person. This can include what you value and enjoy, how you like to spend your free time, people, place or things you love (although it does not necessarily need to cover all of these topics at once).  This can be written as a description or in the form of a story if you want.
                                                            ii.      An example of a project or assignment you did for social studies in the past year, or something you have done outside of school that relates to social studies topics.
                                                          iii.      An example of a project or assignment you did for science in the past year, or something you have done outside of school that relates to science topics.
                                                           iv.      One or two items that show interests you have outside of school. This can include a photograph or short video clip. For example, it could show you playing a sport or an instrument, competing or participating in a recital or event, art or robots or computer games you have made, etc. – anything that you have done and that helps us understand your interests. It can be accompanied by a brief written explanation if you think that is necessary (this written explanation can be placed in the body of the email, but should clearly indicate the attachment it is referring to). 
All applicants must register on-line between October 24th and November 7, 2019 for the
District-Wide Test (Cognitive, Math, and Writing tests) which will be written on November 19,02019
Click here to register for the District-Wide Test.
Click here for the VSBs Secondary Programs including the Mini School Program.