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Mini School - Enrichment Program

Gladstone Mini-School  Accelerated Program
The Gladstone Mini-School offers acceleration and enrichment to self-motivated students who possess above-average ability in various academic areas.  Upon completion of Year Two (Grade 9), students will be granted Grade 10 credit for their academic courses. 
Situated within Gladstone School, the Mini-School promotes initiative, leadership, co-operative and independent learning, service to school and community, and the willingness to tackle academic challenges. The Gladstone Mini-School is a District program, open to students from across the city.
The Mini-School’s prime focus is on accelerated delivery of curriculum. While some courses do offer enrichment activities, the main objective is to offer students the opportunities to complete academic core courses in less time than is normally required in the regular program. This allows students a broader range of elective possibilities in their senior years, which permits students to explore more deeply their particular areas of interest.  Another possibility for students is to complete secondary school graduation requirements in four years, rather than the usual five years.
Application Procedure
Applications must be received by Thursday, December 15, 2016 and should include the following:
· a Gladstone Mini School Application Form ( two pages)
· a copy of the student’s most recent report card.
· a portfolio containing 5 –10 items of the student’s work, as evidence of creativity, high standards, and interest in a
   particular area. (Items might include pieces of writing, illustrations, projects, etc.)
        The portfolio may be submitted electronically to the Mini School Co-ordinator Mr. L. Jakoy at
         or on a  flash drive (memory stick).
        The portfolio will be returned to the student’s elementary school after the selection process.
All applicants must register on-line between November 05 and November 13, 2016 for the
District-Wide Test (Cognitive, Math, and Writing tests) which will be written on November 24, 20156
Click here to register for the District-Wide Test