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Social Development

The Program
The Social Development Class at Gladstone provides a small, safe classroom setting for Grade 8 & 9 students who have been identified as “withdrawn” or socially/emotionally fragile or delayed. Enrolled students are designated as having a Behaviour Disorder. This program provides a safe environment to suit specific Learning needs.
Core academic subjects are taught to a group or individually, and are  adapated/modified to meet student needs. Students also participate in life skills, physical education and a rotation of applied skills electives.
The focus of the program includes building self-awareness and an understanding of ineffective behaviour patterns. Students develop self- esteem as they learn positive social skills and effective problem -solving strategies.
Entry Criteria
Students are referred by elementary, and grade 8 counsellors and teachers through Central Screening. Enrollment is capped at a maximum of 15 students.
Program staff includes a Special Education Teacher, A Youth & Family Worker and an Alternate Program Worker. Staff use a team approach to planning and program delivery. Parents and guardians are also considered a part of the team, as parental contact and support are integral to the success of the students in the program.