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Success Towards Employment Program (STEP)

Program Description
Gladstone STEP ( Success Towards Employment Program) offers a three year course designed for students in grade 10, 11 and 12 who are having difficulties in the mainstream academic program. Students participate in modified academic courses, regular credit electives, work experience and career exploration. Application to the program is made through School Based Team to the Central Screening Committee. Placements are made by District Learning Services. Students completing the program receive a School Leaving Certificate. Youth and Family worker support is provided in the program.
The grade 10 courses include Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science 10 (taken over grade 10 and 11) , PE10, Applied Skills 10, and Planning 10 along with chosen electives.
The grade 11 courses include Language Arts, (Communications 11), Math, Science 10 (final half of course), Civics 11 (taken over grade 11 and 12), Work Experience 12, Applied Skills 12, and Career Skills.
The Grade 12 courses include Language Arts, (Communication 12), Math, Science & Technology 11, Civics 11, (final half of course), Work Experience 12, Applied Skills 12 and Career Skills.
Work Experience
Honesty, participation, reliability, punctuality, and a serious commitment to work are all expected. Work experience placements are arranged for the Grade 10 Class and students in Grade 11 and 12 classes must secure their own work experience placements in the community. Work experience placements are a mandatory component of STEP. It is expected that students will have the capacity to work with minimum supervision, and sufficient social skills to be a valuable employee.