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The Goals of the New Pathways
The goals of all three pathways are to provide pre-requisite attitudes, knowledge, skills and understanding
for specific post-secondary programs or direct entry into the work force.
All three pathways provide students with mathematical understanding and critical thinking  skills.            
It is the choice of topics that varies among  pathways.  When choosing a pathway, students should
consider  their interests, both current and future so that the pathway they choose will be the one to
engage them in their studies.
The new curriculum includes seven mathematical processes that are crucial to students learning, doing,
and understanding Mathematics.  Students are expected to:
  • use communication in order to learn and express their understanding.
  • make connections among mathematical ideas, other concepts in mathematics, everyday experiences
  • other disciplines
  • demonstrate fluency with mental mathematics and estimation.
  • develop and apply new mathematical knowledge through problem solving.
  • develop mathematical reasoning.
  • select and use technology as a tool for learning and solving problems.
  • develop visualization skills to assist in processing information, making connections and solving problems.