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English Language Learning (ELL)

The English Language Learning Department has jurisdiction over enrolling and non-enrolling classes with the objective to provide support to students who are English language learners. At Gladstone we offer three levels of reception for new language speakers and ELC for mainstream students in need of extra language support. Students are placed in an appropriate level based on assessment and/or teacher recommendation. While all ELL courses are content based, they are non-credit; therefore, assessment for placement is via a committee consisting of ELL teachers, the counsellor and the administration.
Level 1
Level 1 students, regardless of age, are beginning to learn English. Typically, these students are new to Canada, and have either been processed at the District Reception and Placement Centre, or have spent very little time in elementary school. The level 1 program involves students taking five core ELL courses. These courses may include ELL Reading, Writing, Language, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Fine Arts. Students in level 1 take a regular PE at their grade level, where appropriate.
Level 2
Level 2 students are those who typically take four ELL courses. The remaining two or three courses are electives chosen from the regular program, depending upon the student’s age, ability and interest. Students in level 2 take regular Math and /or Science and PE where appropriate.
Transitional students are those who typically have been learning English for 2 or more years.  Students in grades 8 and 9 will be placed in regular English 8 or 9 and students in grades 10-12 will be placed in English 10 as this is a mandatory course for graduation. All transitional students will be flagged as such in the regular English and Social Studies courses so that teachers are aware that they will need extra language support.  All transitional students are registered in the English Language Centre (ELC).
English Learning Centre
The English Learning Centre offers enrolling support. Students in ELC classes have been recommended by their elementary school, or the Gladstone ELL and English departments. These year-long classes are intended to provide extra support in English and Social Studies, as well as other English-based aspects of all courses.