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Staff Directory

                Gladstone Secondary School Staff  2018-2019
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                       eg. John Smith is
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                                Mr. C. Parker, Principal  
                                Ms. I. Gill, Vice Principal
                                Ms. D. Phillips, Vice Principal
                     Teaching Staff

Ms. R. Bean
Ms. M. Bentley
Ms. I. Bratberg
Mr. M. Braverman
Ms. S. Burdon
Ms. N. Campos
Ms. K. Chong
Ms. L. Chong
​Mr. P. Chong ​​
Mr. A. Chow
Ms. C. Dixon
Mr. W. Dizy
Ms. S. Drummond
Ms. S. Forsey
Mr. E. Adrian-Hamazaki
Ms. S. Haynes
Mr. O. Hayre
Mr. S. Ho
Mr. L. Jakoy
Ms. G. Jallad
Ms. K. Kim
Ms. I. Lievens
Ms. B. Loo
Ms. C. Marshall
Mr. F. Mccallion
Ms. S. McPherson
Ms. J. Mergens
Mr. L. Mihalik
Ms. N. Miles
Ms. C. Miller
Ms. S. Mohammed
Ms. H. Montroy
Ms. C. Moore
Mr. P. Morgan
Ms. S. Ng
Mr. J. O'Malley
Ms. J. O'Quinn
Mr. S. Parkes
Ms. K. Pineo
Ms. T. Platis
Ms. L. Preda
Mr. C. Renwick
Mr. P. Richardson
Ms. J. Ronne
Mr. B. Russell
Mr. P. Sheppard
Ms. H. Thomas
Ms. M. Van Camp
Mr. I. Weniger
Ms. K. White
Ms. N. Young
Mr. B. Yu
Ms. S. Yuen