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​Vancouver Board of Education


If your child will be absent or late from school, please call 604-713-5159 extension 59 to report this absence or late as early as possible. Parents should leave a message at the dedicated answering service by calling the number provided. You will be prompted to provide the two-digit extension for your child’s school to access the school’s voicemail box for reporting an absence. 

It is important to report your child’s absence or late prior to 9:00 a.m. on the first day of the absence.

If your child is late for school they must sign in at the office before they make their way to the classroom.

School offices are busy places: consistently notifying the school in advance of your child’s absence will significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Safe Arrival Morning Routine.​ 


Kindergarten registration for children born in 2013 begins on November 1st.

All Kindergarten applicants are required to submit an application to their English catchment elementary school. This includes families who wish to apply for choice programs (French Immersion, Montessori, etc.) and/or a cross boundary placement.

The priority registration period for Kindergarten opens on Wednesday November 1st and closes at 4 pm on Wednesday January 31st. Students who submit an application within this priority period will be accommodated before late applicants. 

In the event there are more in-catchment applicants than the school can accommodate the following process will be used to prioritize enrolment:

Kindergarten Applications Received Between November 1st and January 31st

In-catchment Kindergarten applicants with siblings in attendance at the school (and who will be attending next year) will be placed first.

The names of all other in-catchment registrants will be entered into a random draw for the remaining Kindergarten spaces. 

Students who cannot be accommodated will be placed on a waitlist in the order in which their name was drawn.

Between January 31st and the second Friday in June students on the ordered waitlist will be accommodated as space becomes available. 

Kindergarten Registrations Received AFTER January 31st

In-catchment Kindergarten students who apply after January 31st will be accommodated if there is space.  If there is no space their names will be added to the bottom of the existing waitlist.

Note: There will be no priority given to registrants with siblings if they register after January 31st.

When registering your child please bring:
Child’s birth certificate
Proof of Residence - current rental agreement with utility bill or current property tax assessment
Parents’ ID – driver’s license, passport
Immigration Documentation (if applicable)
Immunization records


If you wish to apply for a Choice program or cross-boundary, you must first apply to your English catchment elementary school. Applications for Choice programs and cross boundary placements will be accepted in early 2018.


For more information on kindergarten registration visit:

* Available Space includes physical capacity, resources, staffing, or educational programs available or planned for a school as defined by the district. (Policy Regulation JECC-R)​



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