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Mission Statement
VSB-SWIS is committed to providing professional settlement services to immigrants, refugees, other eligible students and families by: embracing diversity, advocating empowerment and facilitating engagement in schools and the Canadian society.
Vision Statement
To be the leader in providing professional school-based settlement services that will empower and support immigrants, refugees, other eligible students and families to enable them to fully participate in a culturally diverse society.
Core Values

Supportive, Welcoming, Inclusive, Service

SWIS Program Goals
  1. ​To inform the clients (students, parents and families) about the various Canadian standards and practices and their rights and responsibilities
  2. To enable the student and parents to reach their full potential so they can navigate effectively in the school system and community
  3. To empower the immigrants to adjust better in Canada
  4. To promote SWIS roles and responsibilities to the general public
  5. To elevate the level of competence and bring about a systemic change in the program delivery
  6. To be recognized as a professional settlement service provider
SWIS Program Objectives
  1. To increase the client’s capability to adjust faster and better in a new environment through regular information, education and communication activities
  2. To execute model programs and approaches in settlement service that will empower the students and families to become self-reliant
  3. To develop a ‘SWIS brand’ that is simple and easy to understand and remember
  4. To maintain a positive SWIS image through continuous orientation and relationship-building in schools and communities