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Mission Statement:  

We are multilingual and multicultural members of the VSB educational team. We work with school administrators, staff, students and parents to facilitate and to enhance communication with a view to enabling students to reach their potential. 

To accomplish this mandate involves work in three main areas:


We advocate for students and their families. 

For all intents and purposes we become the "voice" of the students and their families until they are empowered to advocate for themselves.  This includes speaking on their behalf as well as facilitating communication to ensure a proactive stance – preventing ‘problems’ before they become crises; and enabling fair, equitable access to programs and services for students and families.


We build bridges among cultures, languages and educational systems.

Facilitating and increasing cross-cultural understanding and awareness serves both advocacy and educational learning purposes for all. This is accomplished on a daily basis both individually and in groups, as well as for specifically focused events such as parent/teacher/student conferences, specialist/parent meetings, celebratory events and other school and community events.


We communicate.

 Knowledge and understanding is a high priority need if newcomers to our city, schools and society are to feel they belong.  We support this adaptation and acculturation process by mediating the message so that all parties - schools, communities and families – understand and can feel empowered, and have their needs met.  This is accomplished by providing cultural interpretation of intent, both orally and in print.