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The Engaged Immigrant Youth Program (EIYP) is dedicated to working with school communities to support youth to stay in school and improve their chances of pursuing meaningful employment and educational opportunities.

Students in the program come from different backgrounds including those new to the Vancouver school system and youth who have been in Canada for several years but are having difficulty staying in school.

At present, the program is serving over 300 youth throughout the school district with over 180 youth completing action plans with the help of their Youth Workers to reach their personal and career goals.

The program provides opportunities for students to participate in activities during and after school. Youth Workers help students to improve their English skills and build leadership skills while enjoying recreational and cultural activities with their peers. At the same time the program aims to help youth develop the confidence and skills needed to complete their academic goals including achieving a high school diploma.

Key to the success of the program is the small group size (20 students or less) allowing Youth Workers to give one-on-one support to the youth and for youth to feel comfortable in sharing their experience in a safe space.