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Adrian Bontuyan,   Community Connections and Youth Coordinator

Email: ; Phone: 604 713 5878 / 604 379 3762

Adrian's Bio - Inspiring young people to achieve their dreams has always been my passion.  For over 10 years of working with youth, I have always been amazed seeing the diverse talents and skill that each youth possessed and developed.  I have a background in counselling and mentoring from the Philippines.  In addition, I have completed the Career Development Practice Certificate from Douglas College in 2011.  I count it as a privilege to be able to use my training, skills and experience to support immigrant youth flourish and thrive in Canada.


Andara Ahmad, Youth Settlement Worker

Email: ; Phone: 604 379 3767

Andara's Bio - The unique worldviews and perspectives youth bring to schools and community at large has sparked my interest in working in multicultural and diverse settings. Whether through my teaching experience abroad, community outreach role with NGO, or current role as youth settlement worker in school.  I have always loved to learn from youth as much as I enjoy supporting them.  My philosophy has been it is always a two-way learning when working with youth.  What motivates me the most in my work with newcomers is the set of skill and knowledge youth and newcomers bring to this country.  Unlike the common perspective that newcomers only have a needs, I have always enjoyed supporting and watching their growth and successes through those skills they bring.  My supportive rather than instructional approach was strengthen by my extensive teaching experience abroad and community involvement in Vancouver for many years.  I hold a teaching certificate from the Teachers Faculty in Syria and along with my community work, I have over 16 years of exceptional learning journey with in youth resilience and community building.


Janine Binanitan, Youth Settlement Worker

Email: ; Phone: 778 229 9719

Janine’s Bio - I am a recent psychology graduate from UBC with a passion for working with underrepresented groups. I was born in the Philippines and moved to Canada when I was 14 years old and have been involved with the Engaged Immigrant Youth Program as a participant, a youth mentor, a resource speaker, and now as a youth worker. I have 8 years of combined volunteer and professional experience with various organizations providing educational and professional resources and services to immigrants in Metro Vancouver. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, running, and writing poems. In the future, I am looking to complete a post-graduate training that would allow me to become more equipped in serving underrepresented groups especially children and youth.


Vicky Ma, Youth Settlement Worker

Email: ; Phone: 604 379 3765

Vicky's Bio - I love the energy and creativity involved in my work with EIYP and enjoy connecting with young people who always inspire me both personally and professionally! I was born and raised in Hong Kong and arrived in Vancouver as a Grade 12 student. I completed my education in counselling psychology at Adler University leading to the registration as a clinical counsellor. I am passionate in empowering individuals to build capacity and to develop their strengths and potentials within the larger system.


Taqwa Al-Zubaidi, Youth Leader, Newkids Police Academy


Taqwa's Bio - Being a youth in a new country, a new culture and a new language are like being in a whole new world! It’s not an easy journey! Currently, I’m a sociology student and working a part-time as a community youth leader along with The Engaged Immigrant Youth Program and The Vancouver Police Department. I enjoy helping and supporting youth to integrate them into the Canadian society.​