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How to request for a volunteer:

 To request for the service of a Volunteer Interpreter, please complete this form VOLUNTEER INTERPRETER REQUEST FORM--For Parent-Teacher Conferences-07.08.2019.pdfVOLUNTEER INTERPRETER REQUEST FORM--For Parent-Teacher Conferences-07.08.2019.pdf or to request for volunteer(s) to help support other urgent needs, please complete this form VOLUNTEER GENERAL REQUEST FORM--31.07.2019.pdfVOLUNTEER GENERAL REQUEST FORM--31.07.2019.pdf


You may email [] the completed request form as an attachment. Your request will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis from the time you submit the request.  Please note that any changes made prior to your requested date may result in a delay with your application, or the possibility that a volunteer may not be available.

How to become a volunteer:
 To join our team of volunteers, please complete this form VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION FORM--17.07.2019.pdfVOLUNTEER REGISTRATION FORM--17.07.2019.pdf If possible, please attach a copy of your current resume and two copies of your personal lDs.  This will help us understand your areas of interest and enable us to utilize your skills and experiences to the fullest.

You may email [] the completed registration form as an attachment or return the completed registration form in person, to Chansokhy Anhaouy at the Newcomer Welcome Centre, 1000 East 59th Avenue (East Wing of Moberly Elementary).