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​Preparing for Kindergarten

Consi​dering a Tutor?
Considering A Tutor - Chinese Simplified.pdfConsidering A Tutor-简体中文.pdf (简体中文 Chinese Simplified)
Considering A Tutor - Chinese Traditional_0.pdfConsidering A Tutor-繁體中文.pdf (繁體中文 Chinese Traditional)
Considering A Tutor - Punjabi.pdfConsidering A Tutor-ਪੰਜਾਬੀ.pdf (ਪੰਜਾਬੀ Punjabi)
Considering a Tutor - Russian.pdfConsidering a Tutor-Русский.pdf (Русский Russian)
Considering A Tutor - Vietnamese.pdfConsidering A Tutor-Tiếng Việt.pdf  (Tiếng Việt Vietnamese)
Getting Ready for K.png

Discipline at Home and School
Discipline at Home and School - Chinese Simplified.pdfDiscipline at Home and School - 简体中文.pdf (简体中文 Chinese Simplified)
Discipline at Home and School - Chinese Traditional.pdfDiscipline at Home and School - 繁體中文.pdf (繁體中文 Chinese Traditional)

ELL Support Class: Why?
ELL Support Class Why - Chinese Simplified.pdfELL Support Class - 简体中文.pdf (简体中文 Chinese Simplified)
ELL Support Class Why - Chinese Traditional.pdfELL Support Class - 繁體中文.pdf (繁體中文 Chinese Traditional)
ELL Support Class Why - Punjabi.pdfELL Support Class - ਪੰਜਾਬੀ.pdf (ਪੰਜਾਬੀ Punjabi)
ELL Support Class - Why - Russian.pdfELL Support Class - Русский.pdf (Русский Russian)
ELL Support Class - Why - Vietnamese.pdfELL Support Class - Tiếng Việt.pdf (Tiếng Việt Vietnamese)

Helping Your Child Acquire English Language Skills

Parent Advisory Council (PAC)
Parent Advisory Council (PAC) - Chinese Simplified.pdfParent Advisory Council 简体中文.pdf (简体中文 Chinese Simplified)
Parent Advisory Council (PAC) - Chinese Traditional.pdfParent Advisory Council 繁體中文.pdf (繁體中 Chinese Traditional)
Parent Advisory Council - Vietnamese.pdfParent Advisory Council Tiếng Việt.pdf (Tiếng Việt Vietnamese)

Parent Involvement in Schools (Elementary)
Parent Involvement - Chinese Simplified.pdfParent Involvement - 简体中文.pdf (简体中文 Chinese Simplified)
Parent Involvement - Chinese Traditional.pdfParent Involvement - 繁體中文.pdf (繁體中 Chinese Traditional)
Parent Involvement - Punjabi.pdfParent Involvement - ਪੰਜਾਬੀ.pdf (ਪੰਜਾਬੀ Punjabi)
Parent Involvement - Vietnamese.pdfParent Involvement - Tiếng Việt.pdf (Tiếng Việt Vietnamese)

Parenting - English.pdfParenting.pdf (English)
Parenting - French.pdfParenting - Français.pdf (Français French)
Parenting - Arabic_0.pdfParenting - العربية.pdf (العربية Arabic)
Parenting - Chinese Simplified.pdfParenting - 简体中文.pdf (简体中 Chinese Simplified)
Parenting - Chinese Traditional.pdfParenting - 繁體中文.pdf (繁體中 Chinese Traditional)
Parenting - Hindi_0.pdfParenting - हिंदी.pdf (हिंद Hindi)
Parenting - Korean.pdfParenting - 한국어.pdf (한국 Korean)
Parenting - Persian.pdfParenting - فارسی.pdf (فارسی Persian)
Parenting - Punjabi.pdfParenting - ਪੰਜਾਬੀ.pdf (ਪੰਜਾਬੀ Punjabi)
Parenting - Russian.pdfParenting - Русский.pdf (Русский Russian)
Parenting - Spanish.pdfParenting - Español.pdf (Español Spanish)
Parenting - Vietnamese.pdfParenting - Tiếng Việt.pdf (Tiếng Việt Vietnamese)

Ways You Can Support Your Child's Learning at Home
Ways You Can Support Your Childs Learning - Chinese Traditional.pdfWays You Can Support Your Childs Learning - 繁體中文.pdf (繁體中 Chinese Traditional)