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Assisting Syrian Refugee Students and Families 

Information about BC Secondary School​ System​

BC Secondary School System.pdfBC Secondary School System.pdf(English)
BC Secondary School System - 简体中文.pdfBC Secondary School System - 简体中文.pdf(简体中文 Chinese) 
BC Secondary School System - 한국어.pdfBC Secondary School System - 한국어.pdf  (한국어 Korean)    
BC Secondary School System - Español.pdfBC Secondary School System - Español.pdf (Español Spanish)
BC Secondary School System - Tiếng Việt.pdfBC Secondary School System - Tiếng Việt.pdf (Tiếng Việt Vietnamese) 
Forms You May See in September (Secondary)
Forms You May See in September - Secondary - Chinese Traditional_1.pdfForms You May See in September 繁體中文.pdf (繁體中文 Chinese Traditional)



Secondary English Language Learning (ELL) Programs

Secondary ELL Programs Tiếng Việt.pdfSecondary ELL Programs Tiếng Việt.pdf(Tiếng Việt Vietnamese)

How to Help Your Child Succeed in Secondary School

English Language Learning (ELL) Levels and Matrices
 ELL Levels.pdfELL Levels.pdf (English Version)
 ELL Levels 简体中文.pdfELL Levels 简体中文.pdf(简体中 Chinese)
 ELL Levels 한국어.pdfELL Levels 한국어.pdf (한국 Korean)
 ELL Levels ਪੰਜਾਬੀ.pdfELL Levels ਪੰਜਾਬੀ.pdf(ਪੰਜਾਬ Punjabi)
 ELL Levels Español.pdfELL Levels Español.pdf(Español Spanish)
 ELL Levels Tiếng Việt.pdfELL Levels Tiếng Việt.pdf(Tiếng Việt Vietnamese)

Graduation Requirements in BC (Secondary)
Graduation Requirements in BC - Secondary - Chinese Simplified.pdfGraduation Requirements in BC-简体中文.pdf (简体中 Chinese Simplified)
Graduation Requirements in BC - Secondary - Chinese Traditional_0.pdfGraduation Requirements in BC-繁體中文.pdf (繁體中 Chinese Traditional)

Graduation Transitions: Grades 10, 11 & 12
Graduation Transitions - Chinese Simplified.pdfGraduation Transitions - 简体中文.pdf (简体中 Chinese Simplified)
Graduation Transitions - Chinese Traditional.pdfGraduation Transitions - 繁體中文.pdf (繁體中 Chinese Traditional)
Graduation Transitions - ਪੰਜਾਬੀ.pdfGraduation Transitions - Punjabi.pdf (ਪੰਜਾਬ Punjabi)
Graduation Transitions - Vietnamese.pdfGraduation Transitions - Tiếng Việt.pdf (Tiếng Việt Vietnamese)

Who Are the People In Your Child's School (Secondary)

Understanding Homework in BC Secondary Schools
Understanding Homework Secondary - Chinese Simplified.pdfUnderstanding Homework Secondary - 简体中文.pdf (简体中文 Chinese Simplified)
Understanding Homework Secondary - Chinese Traditional.pdfUnderstanding Homework Secondary - 繁體中文.pdf (繁體中文 Chinese Traditional)