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Below is a list of free workshops for newcomer parents presented by the Vancouver School Board Settlement Workers in Schools and Multicultural Liaison Workers:


Information Sessions for Korean-Speaking Parents & Custodian                                                                                   한국인학부모님들을 위한 밴쿠버 교육청 교육 세미나
Date​:                       Oct. 5 & Nov. 16, 2017  & Feb. 8 & Apr. 19, 20​18                     
T​ime:​​ 9:30am -11:15am
​Venue:​​ VSB Education Centre, 1580 W. Broadway, Room 108/120
F​or more information: ​ ​  Info session for Korean parents 2017-2018.pdfInfo session for Korean parents 2017-2018.pdf

Introduction to Multicultural Victim Services Program  解多元文化受害者服務計劃講座
Date​:        Jan. 16, 2018 (Tue)​                      
T​ime:​​​ 9:30a​m
​Venue:​​ Kerrisdale Community Centre
F​or more information: ​ ​  KCC wksh 20180116.pdfKCC wksh 2018​0116.pdf

Hamber ELL Youth Mentorship Project
Date​:             Oct. 2017-Jun. 2018 (Mon)​                       
T​ime:​ 3:15-4:15p​m
​Venue:​​ Eric Hamber Library (Upper Level)
F​or mor​e information: ​ ​  Hamber ELL Youth Mentorship Promotion.pdfHamber ELL Youth Mentorship Promotion.pdf

English Conversation Club
Date​:               Jan. 24 - Mar 14, 2018 (Wed)​                        
T​ime:​    9:30-11:00a​m 
​Venue:​​ Hillcrest Community Centre
F​or more information: ​ ​  Hillcrest ECC 2018 Jan - Mar.pdfHillcrest ECC 2018​ Jan - Mar.pdf

Graduation Requirements and Post Secondary Applications中学毕业要求和报读大学/专上学院须知
Date​:               Feb. 7, 2018 (Wed)​                                            
T​ime:​    6:30-8:00pa​m 
​Venue:​​ Templeton Sec. Library
F​or more information: ​ ​  PDF- 2018-02 WORKSHOP ON GRAD.pdfPDF- 2018-02 WORKSHOP ON G​RAD.pdf

Electronic Media Overuse 如何帮助沉迷电子媒介的青少年
Date​:               Feb. 20, 2018 (Tue)​                                            
T​ime:​    6:30-8:30 p​m 
​Venue:​​ Gladstone Secondary
F​or more information: ​ ​  ​Electronic Media Overuse 180220.pdfElectronic Media Overuse 180220.pdf​