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Below is a list of free workshops for newcomer parents presented by the Vancouver School Board Settlement Workers in Schools and Multicultural Liaison Workers:


"Nobody's Perfect" Parenting Program (Cantonese) “完美难求” 亲子讲座(广东话)​
Date​:             Sep. 20, 2018 - Oct. 25, 2019 (Thurs)
T​ime:​ 10:30am - 12:30pm
​Venue:​​   800 East Broadway, Vancouver
F​or mor​e information: ​ ​   2018 MPNH PDF Flyer.pdf2018 MPNH PDF Flyer.pdf


Magee English Conversation Circle (免费成人英语会话班)
Date​:             Oct. 1- Dec. 3,  2018 (Mon)
T​ime:​ 1:00-2:30p​m
​Venue:​​   Magee Secondary School, Room 214
F​or mor​e information: ​ ​   Chinese Flyer Magee English Conversation Circle Oct to Dec 2018.pdfChinese Flyer Magee English Conversation Circle Oct to Dec 2018.pdf
                                              Magee English Conversation Circle Poster 2018-2019.pdfMagee English Conversation Circle Poster 2018-2019.pdf​

Information Sessions for Korean-Speaking Parents & Custodians 2018-2019
Date​:             Oct. 2018 - Apr. 2019 (Thr)
T​ime:​ 9:30-11​:15a​m
​Venue:​​   VSB Education Centre 1580 W. Broadway Room 108
F​or mor​e information: ​ ​   info session for korean parents 2018-2019.pdfinfo session for kor​ean parents 2018-2019.pdf


Point Grey English Conversation Club 
Date​:            ​ Oct. 10 - Nov. 28, 2018 (Wed)
T​ime:​ 10:00-11:30a​m
​Venue:​​   Point Grey Secondary School, Rm 109
F​or mor​e information: ​ ​   English Conversation 2018.pdfEnglish Conversation 201​8.pdf