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Book Exchange regularly takes place on the following days:


​​          Division 1 :   Tuesday        Division 4 :   Thursday
​          Division 2 :   Wednesday ​       Division 5 :   Wednesday
          ​Division 3 :   Tuesday ​       Division 6 :   Tuesday

If a holiday or professional development day falls on your book exchange day, book exchange will usually occur on the first day back at school. The Library is almost always open for book exchange during Family Reading (9:00 to 9:15) Monday through Friday.

Loan Policy - Students in grades 1, 2, and 3 may have as many as 5 books checked out at any one time. Until winter break, students in Kindergarten will check out 1 book every week. In the new year, Kindergarten students may check out 2 books, and after spring break they may check out 3 books every week.

Parents are welcome to check out books as well! ​​