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Staff Directory 2016-2017

Ms. C Carver - Principal

Mr. C. McNeil - Intermediate Teacher

Ms. J. Carson - Intermediate Teacher

Mr.  M. Sandhu - Intermediate Teacher

Mr. K. Calvert - Intermediate Teacher

Ms. M. Wiesinger - Intermediate Teacher

Ms. A. Fairweather - Intermediate Teacher

Ms. E. Block - Primary Teacher

Ms. D. Unrau - Primary/Intermediate Teacher

Ms. J. Minato - Primary Teacher

Mr. S. MacMillan - Primary Teacher

Ms. S. Neibel - Primary Teacher

Ms. K. Spurr - Primary Teacher   Ms. Spurr's blog

Ms. J. Orazio - Primary Teacher

Ms. D. So - Primary Teacher

Ms. J. Lewis - Primary District Autism Program

Ms. N. Short/Ms. M. Sam - Intermediate District Autism Program

Ms. C. Manley - Art Prep Teacher

Ms. S. Wagner - Resource Teacher

Ms. L. Grant - Resource Teacher (Monday to Thursday)

Ms. G. Unsworth - Resource Teacher

Ms. D. Kwong - Resource Teacher  Ms. Kwong's blog

Ms. G. Yong - Primary & Intermediate Teacher/Prep/Resource Teacher

Ms. S. Cho - Teacher-Librarian (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday)

MS. A. Roguski - Counsellor (all day Monday/Tuesday)

Ms. D. Yee - Speech and Language Pathologist (Thursday)

Ms. Laurie Reid - Youth and Family Worker (schedule TBA)

Ms. D. Michel - Aboriginal Education Enhancement Worker (Wednesday)

Ms. R. Khatkar - Office Administrative Assistant

Ms. F. Chau - Student Support Woprker

Mr. D. Chiang - Student Support Worker

Mr. S. Dyck - Student Support Worker

Ms. S. Escalante - Student Support Worker

Mr. M. General - Student Support Worker

Ms. K. Guidote - Student Support Worker

Ms. T. Huse - Student Support Worker

Ms. S. Lippucci/Ms. S. Harlow - Student Support Worker

Ms. M. Trigo - Student Support Worker

Ms. S. Wan - Student Support Worker

Mr. M. Mirzaei - Student Support Worker

Ms. S. Balzer - Student Support Worker

Mr. M. Russell - Student Support Worker

Ms. B. Borkowski - Student Support Worker

Ms. M. Clark - Student Support Worker

Mr. E. Roller - Building Engineer (daytime)

Mr. T. Cheng - Assistant Building Engineer (afternoon)

Mr. A. Sindhar - Assistant Building Engineer (afternoon/evening)

Ms. B. Grewal - Supervision Aide

Ms. D. Ng - Supevision Aide

Ms. Y. Peragine - Supervision Aide