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B.C. Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition Program

The BC School Fruit & Vegetable Nutritional Program is an incredibly successful program that delivers healthy fruit and vegetable snacks twice a month to our students for them to enjoy during class time, helping them learn about nutrition and healthy eating. Kindergarten to Grade 2 students will continue to be receiving milk/fortified Soy Beverage as well as deliveries of fruit and vegetables. The program is delivered to over 525,000 children in schools across the province.  The fruit and vegetables are delivered to the classrooms by Mrs. Coulter and Mrs. Mignault and their students from Division 9.
Please see the notice that was delivered home requesting permision for your child to participate in the program.  Please note if you do not wish your child to participate in the program, or if your child has allergies related to specific fruit and or vegetables, please ensure you return this form and we will ensure he or she does not participate. If you wish your child to particiapte and there are no related fruit or vegetable allergies, you do not need to return the form.
For any further information about the program please follow the link: BCFVNP​