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Vancouver District Science Fair Winners

Vancouver District Science Fair Winners
On Friday March 3rd, Langara College hosted the Vancouver District Science Fair. Almost 40 Churchill students presented 26 different projects. The students and projects listed below where VDSF winners and received an invitation to the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair taking place at UBC in April. Thank you to all of the participants and congratulations to all of the winners! If you would like to see some of the projects, some of them have links to an on-line presentation.
Grade 8:
Growing S.C.O.B.Y - Catherine (Zoe) Ng
The Speed of Fencing Actions - Michelle Wang
More Plants = More Electricity? - Valerie Chan
Grade 9:
The Microbial Fuel Cell - A Novel Bioelectrochemical Cu2+ Recovery System from Wastewater - Yimeng Li
Synesthesia: A Sea of Senses - Naia Lee, Maja Bonham
Yeasties: The Sugar Eating Beasties - Kaitlyn Lee, Zainab Sayedain
Grade 10:
Slowing the Oxidation of pH'ruits - Christina Liang, Emily Zhang
An Earitating Task - Isanna Wong
Intensity of Sound Waves - Lorena Zoltan
Sleep Doctors - Matthew Cheesman, Maria Pelekh
Driving Logs to Weakness - Andrew Feng, Michael Liu
Every litter bit counts - Alyssia Mattman
Natural Remedies: Do They Work? - Manveer Trehan, Farbod Nematifar
Gutter Generator - Jack Rao, Jason Young
Make a Change, Turn to a New Page - Sarah McLean
Soil vs. Hydroponics - The Future of Agriculture? - Elizabeth Chan, Tanin Shakibaie