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Upcoming Events and Information


Rudolf Ortvay International Online Physics Competition - competitors have 10 days to solve a maximum of 10 problems from the given physics problems and to upload their solutions via an online form. The rules and the problems are available from:

Pacific Institute for Theoretical Physics

These public lectures are intended for a broad audience, from inside and outside the university. They provide a forum for outstanding researchers from around the world, as well as from UBC, to discuss the work in Quantum Physics and to present it in a way accessible to non-specialists, including the general public. 

The seminars will usually take place on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, in the evening at the Fairment Lounge, St. Johns College, 2111 Lower Mall, UBC. Click the link below for more info.

PiTP Lectures

The Amy Hurn Scholarship

Amy an avid cyclist, a Vancouver teacher and Science Department Head. A scholarship fund has been established in her memory to provide financial assistance to Vancouver public high school students pursuing post secondary education in science. Deadline for applications is June 30th. Find out more at:


Run for One Planet - The Run for One Planet is an ongoing run endeavour focused on "Inspiring Environmental Action, One Step at a Time". Found out more at:


Students please note: be sure to check the bulletin boards in the science wing for other opportunities!


This is a contest open to students in grade 8 and 9 science - 30 multiple choice questions in 30 minutes. Test your science SKILL....NOT knowledge! Find out more at:


Applied Science Summer Advancement Program

Geering Up has exciting summer opportunities for High School students who are passionate about Science, Technology, and Engineering.  Week long junior and senior programs are available! Find out more at:


Phenomenal Physics Summer Camps

The UBC Phenomenal Physics Summer Camps are for kids (Grades 2 - 10) who enjoy building things and learning cool new science stuff! Come make flash lights and robots, observe the sun using a solar telescope, go scuba diving, learn the physics of sound, and build cardboard boats that can actually carry people, etc. We offer four different week-long day camps that cater to a range of ages and interests. 
Volunteer opportunities for Grade 11-12 Know any Grade 11/12 students with experience working with children and also passionate about science? Encourage them to volunteer with us! Volunteer application is now open. To apply or for more information about volunteering with us, visit our website
Oxbridge Academic Programs
Science programs designed for students of ages 13-18 are available in the topics of medicine, physics, zoology, astronomy, astrophysics and more! Would you like to study in New York, LA, or Paris??!! Find out more at:
The Verna J. Kirkness Science and Engineering Education Program
This program addresses the under-representation of First Nations, Métis and Inuit students at Canadian universities. One of the factors contributing to this is the lack of academic role models for these students.  The Foundation addresses this by offering scholarships to Aboriginal grade 11 students to spend a week at a Canadian university interacting with scientists in their research laboratories. During their week on campus the students have the opportunity to meet role models, learn about the support systems that are available to them on campus and experience the excitement of doing research. Find out more by following the link below:

BC Green Games - Science World's digital eco-storytelling contest supports BC teachers and promotes place-based environmental education. This project-style, inquiry-based program is a 21st century learning opportunity in scientific exploration, storytelling, media arts and advocacy. Document and share your green stories, win prizes and celebrate your team’s greenest achievements! Find out more and register at:
Greater Vancouver High School Science Association - a student-run non-profit society dedicated to making science opportunities accessible to youth. Looking to get involved and participate in fun, educational science events with other High School students? There are essentially three current activities: Science Olympics, Portal Tours – see scientists in action and tour science facilities, and Scope Distribution – an opportunity to read and write about science. Check out:
Tomatosphere™  - Students investigate the effects of the space environment on the growth of food that will inevitably support long-term human space travel. For more details and to register, visit
Spin Master New Toy & Game Competition - If you're in Grade 7 - 12 and living in Canada, this is your chance to invent what could become the world's next big toy or game. For more information go to:

VANCOUVER INSTITUTE LECTURE SERIES - A series of free lectures hosted by Green College, UBC on an incredible variety of topics. For more information and a detailed listing go to:

Saturday Morning Lecture Series - Investigate the frontiers of modern physics. Lectures start at 10:00 am and 11:10 am at a variety of venues. For information, registration and directions see: