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The Mathematics program is designed to offer the student courses including computational skills, algebra, geometry, logical reasoning, statistics, pre-calculus and calculus.  A primary objective of the program is to provide every student with a sound working knowledge of the mathematics necessary to succeed in their chosen post-graduation field.  The diversity of our program enables the student to pursue interests in the workplace, apprenticeship programs and in college or university education.

In addition to Math 8 and Math 9, the following options are available:
·    Essentials math 9 is for students who have difficulty with abstract concepts but are able to succeed in solving more practical consumer –type questions.
·    Hand-timetabled classes are for students who are struggling but can succeed if given more time on the core topics.
·   Enriched classes are for high-achieving students who do not need as much time learning the core topics.  Enriched courses contain the entire curriculum from the regular program as well as a number of enrichment topics. Problem solving is emphasized.
In grades 10-12, the pathways program designed by the Ministry of Education is followed.  There are three options:
·   Foundations of Mathematics – designed for students planning to pursue a post-secondary ARTS program. In grade 10, the Foundations and Pre-Calculus courses are combined. 
·   Pre-Calculus Mathematics - designed for students planning to pursue a post-secondary SCIENCE program. There is an enriched class at the grade 10 and 11 levels.
·   Apprenticeship and Workplace Mathematics – designed for students entering the workforce immediately after graduation or who are pursuing specific apprenticeship training. 
Please click here to view a powerpoint outlining the different Mathematics paths.