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Fine Arts

Chorus, Band and Orchestra provide an opportunity to develop skills that will enrich a person’s life as a participant and appreciative listener. Music also develops a critical appreciation of performances in the various media. In each course, students must be prepared to participate in several school and community based events throughout the year. Attendance at rehearsals and performances is compulsory and is considered an integral part of evaluations.
Performing Arts
Drama has something for everyone, whether it is a student who plans on becoming an actor or a student who wants to acquire the confidence and poise required when presenting ideas in the business world. Churchill’s Drama department has as its aim the broadening of student’s awareness of literature and the dramatic tradition. We want students to develop visual literacy and understanding of media as well. There will be a broad range of course work that cover technical skills as well as acting in drama from stage to modern film and media production.
The initial years are in developmental Drama. Confidence and communication are the main themes. At the senior level more attention is given to the requirement of performance including practical production and audition skills. All levels of the drama program emphasize: teamwork, generosity in sharing ideas, focus and the audience response, basic mime skills, clarity of voice, imaginative development of storytelling ideas, sensitivity and clarity in scenes. Some of the following courses are production oriented with outcomes on display in the Theatre Churchill productions. All are designed to help the student appreciate the wide variety and many styles of dramatic art.
All students have the opportunity to take dance as an elective course at Churchill in grades 9 - 12. Dance has something for everyone. Students are engaged in a multitude of styles and genres of dance throughout the year. Including, but not limited to; ballet, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, stomp, yoga, and Bollywood. Students are encouraged to work together with their classmates to create a piece of choreography each term. A positive attitude and strong work ethic are integral to success in this course. Through the course of the year we hope that students will build their confidence and stage presence, while recognizing that dance is an activity that can bring a lifetime of enjoyment. Students will be given several opportunities to perform throughout the year. Attendance at dress rehearsals and performances is compulsory and is considered an integral part of evaluations.
Visual Arts
Art is about a creative portrayal of life, individual and collective (now, past and future). Be a
part of this ! Be visually capable in a world that increasingly depends on deciphering, and
expressing oneself through, visual imagery. Learn how to think observationally, critically and
creatively.  Do you have wonder, desire to understand, or curiosity ? Do you want to increase your ability to concentrate and express yourself ? Are you looking for inspiration, ideas, or plans that call out to be thought, painted, printed, drawn, sculpted, and/or, ArtMag!ed ? Do you love drawing,painting, printmaking, sculpting, ceramics? Then take one or more Visual Arts courses.
If you want to grow stronger in your art, or if you are just starting out and need skills, practice,
or inspiration, you will be given the opportunity to learn many techniques and to try many
different materials and mediums, to find your preferred ones, and to explore what each one
allows you to accomplish.
Work with : oil, acrylic, tempera, and water colour paints; inks, pencil, charcoal, pastel; clays,
glazes; papers, canvases, masonite, plexiglass, linoleum and other materials; digital media.
Sketchbooks are used in each Art course and become a record of a student's artistic journey.
You will have opportunities to choose self directed units, especially in grades 10, 11, and 12.
Art classes sometimes include Field Trips, Guest Speakers or Artists in Residence.
There are opportunities to display art work in school displays, Churchill ArtMag!, New Shoots
(VSB Literary and Visual Arts Magazine), School Board building lobby, IB Graduating Art
Students Show, Churchill Art Week, and sometimes to contribute works to the BC Law Courts
Society Permanent Collection, and to other community events such as the Granville Street
Banner Project. Students also sometimes participate in the designing and making of School
Everyone will be able to accomplish work that they will be proud of.